Who is Fotile

October 17, 2019

FOTILE could be the largest appliance company that you have never heard of with 16,000 employees, 9 production lines, 4 assembly plants, 4 factories, 67 branch offices, and over 48 German IF and Red Dot Design Awards. With sales in over 30 countries, and over 2,500 industry patents, FOTILE is the appliance brand of choice among 17 million families around the world. FOTILE offers a full range of kitchen appliances, including: Range Hoods, Ovens, Microwave Ovens, Steam Ovens, and Gas Cooktops.


For the past 20 years, FOTILE has worked to improve every family’s kitchen enviroment and remove the danger of cooking fumes. Through consistant innovation and R&D, we inject new technology and luxury aesthetics into the core of every product. FOTILE continues to be a world leader in the development of kitchen electronics.

The introduction of the first FOTILE range hood in 1996 redefined Chinese kitchens. With the introduction of FOTILE V and FOTILE W, nearly twenty years have passed. Within these twenty years, FOTILE conducted rigorous research into user experience and the kitchen environment. Our commitment to innovation is evident in each and every product.

FOTILE maintains a total of 8,000 square meter of the world’s largest, most advanced kitchen appliance labratories, as well as China’s first enterprise technology center and innovation institute. As of August 2016, FOTILE holds more than 700 national patents and more than 100 invention patents, firmly establishing the company as the industry leader.

As an international leader in kitchen electronics, FOTILE employs top-tier R&D talent from around the world, including a leading design team. FOTILE has received 18 top international design awards, including 9 Red Dot Design awards and 9 German iF awards. FOTILE represents the perfect combination of technology and art.

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