Fotile Range Hood Reviews

I Trust Them More Than Those European Brands

August 5, 2017

After 3+ month of using this machine, I think it is the time to write the review.

Before I purchased this range hood, I had researched through the products on the market, including Broan E64E30ss+Broan Exterior blower. I chose Fotile because it is a reputable brand in China and they are specialized in designing and manufacturing range hood. I trust them more than those European brands. I think they have more experience of dealing with high heat cooking, such as stir fry, etc. And my family in China had used Fotile products for years, they all love Fotile. Plus I love the appearance of this range hood. I love the contemporary stylish design.

1. Suction power: Five stars. You can see clearly in the video clip.

I cook stir-fried dishes, Indian Curry, pan fried meat all the time, this machine had never let me down. Before I had it, I had to open the windows in my kitchen and dining room to let the smell go away. After we installed this machine, unless I am leaning over the stove top, I couldn’t smell anything.

2. Noise: Five Stars. When I had to make the decision between this one and the Broan range hood with exterior blower, one of my major concern about Fotile product was the noise. I downloaded a noise testing app to test, when it was running on high suction, the noise was around 75dB. Of course, it was not tested under the ideal condition. I cannot isolate the background noise. The noise level is tolerable. Plus, I only need run it on high power when I am doing stir fry. It wouldn’t last more than five minutes to complete the dish.In the other cooking situation, the medium power is sufficient to solve most of the problems.

3. Easy to Clean: Five Stars.I usually take off the filter every two weeks and wipe off the excess grease on the filter then dump it into the dish washer.
I feel like they put some thing like Teflon coating on the interior surface. I spray some all purpose cleaner on the panel between the fans, the grease is really easy to be wiped off.

4.I wish the color temperature of the LED light bulbs could be 3000(warm light) instead of 6000(daylight). Daylight makes my food looks pale.

5.The installation is not so DIY friendly. I think the designers could refer to the design of over the range microwave to see how they hang the machine.

We installed this range hood by ourselves, including hanging the machine on the wall, anchoring it on the cabinet, modifying the cabinet, and setting up the air duct.Amazon’s installation service only covers hanging the machine on the wall. I have consulted with some contractors, they would charge me over one thousand dollars for the project. If you want to DIY, you need to be comfortable with operating power tools, know how to find the studs and so on. If you don’t have the basic knowledge about your home’s structure, this project would be quite hard for you to accomplish. Another tip is most home power drills are not powerful enough to drive a 6-inch hole saw.You need commercial grade drill to drill such a big hole on your cabinet or you can see the picture how we managed to drill those holes.

It dosesn’t have any spare hardware. The screws are in metric. We lost one screw during installation, but local hardware stores don’t carry this sized screw. So we had to move the furniture and appliances away to look for this screw.


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